Creating beautiful landscapes one detail at a time!
Outdoor Creations, LLC
Services provided:
At Outdoor Creations, LLC, I take care to provide my customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. I provide a variety of services including:

*Bobcat/loader and excavator work- I own a variety of excavation equipment including a compact wheel loader, Bobcat mini track loader, Cat mini Excavator and a dump truck.  These pieces of equipment serve many purposes from grading, to digging, to running attachments such as post hole diggers, buckets, grapples, log splitter, soil rakes and many others.  Let me know what your needs are.

*Dump truck services-Do you need new material such as mulch, stone or soil hauled to your site or are you looking to have brush, stone, rock or yard debris hauled away from your property?  I can accommodate based on your needs.  Some customers have made piles themselves and called me in to load them up and haul away. 

*Foundation plantings and planting bed installations-I can create new planting beds anywhere in the yard or tear out existing plants and replant with new shrubs.  A wide range of shrubs, trees, perennials and annuals along with various wood mulches and stones will create just the feel you are looking for.

*Landscape designs-Getting the perfect design requires some time at the drawing board.  Upon initial consultation with customer and survey of the site we can put together a design both hand drawn and digital for a fee that is credited to the project price if you decide to have the work done.

* Walkways, patios, walls, and steps-Smaller walkways and patios (under 1000 Sq ft) can be created using concrete pavers or natural stone materials.  Projects with steps can also be created with concrete or natural stone in addition to granite.  Natural stone/boulder walls, are of the more common projects I've done, although I can also accommodate segmental concrete block retaining walls.

*Land clearing-Perhaps you would like to extend your yard, clear back brush, take down trees,  remove stumps, chip brush etc.

*If you don't see the type of work you're looking for don't be afraid to ask, chances are if I can't do the job I can at least guide you to someone reputable who can do it.  I've also found that many homeowners like to take part in some of the project.  If this is the case, I can work with you as the homeowner to do as much or as little as you need.  Maybe you just need some equipment work done and you can handle the rest yourself.  Don't be afraid to ask, chances are there is a solution that will work!

*If you are looking for mowing and yard maintenance services, I would recommend contacting Shaws Lawn Care LLC

Grading and land clearing work with the small wheel loader.  This machine can accomplish the same tasks as what many of you may know as a "bobcat". 
Heres something customer asked me to stuff this old hot tub in his dump trailer so he could bring it to the dump.
New foundation plantings, mulch and stone.
A small drainage project, utilizing 2 machines for quick turnaround time.  Extra effort is made to preserve surrounding areas of your yard, large tires and tracks help accomplish this and minimize ground disturbance.